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Welcome to the "Japanese photobooks" site.

We are photo-books specialty store in Japan.

If you are visiting our Home Page for the first time, please read the following.

Term & Conditions

  • All Videos are VHS format.
  • All items are second hands
  • There is also an item of a premium price.(*It is higher than price.)
  • Only 1 item in stok.
  • [No stock]
    Please ask, if the item which you are looking for is a no stock.
    Because, those items may arrive after this.
  • [ A category of selected items ]
    Two or more items are in stock of this category

Book condition and grading

  • [Excellent or very beautiful ]
    Literally, very beautiful.
    Cover Fading&Rubbing....almost nothing or slightly.
  • [Very good]
    It is in a very good preservation state.
    Cover Fading&Rubbing....light.
    The cover may be torn a few mm
  • [good]
    Cover Fading&Rubbing...It is.
    There are some friction cracks and smsll cracks in the cover.
  • The main body and all pages are beautiful.
  • [Lower than average.]
    There are many friction cracks and small cracks in the cover.
    A main part and all pages are beautiful in general.
    The angle may have broken.
  • [shinko-hon] Outlet(book of secondary sale)