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Altogether, they are the goods of "Outlet".
"Outlet"(book of secondary sale or shinko-books)They are not secondhand goods.

The 1st line Cover The 5th line Condition(It is the condition of a cover.)
Inclusion time (in the case of Video & DVD)
The 2nd line A photographic subject's name All the condition of a main part is very good. Notes(Term explanation)
The 3rd line Title name The 6th line Price Each link is downward.
The 4th line Publishing company The 7th line Issue date
nude 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 no nude 1 2 3 4 main

Mai Saito Yuriko Sakakura Miho Shoroyama Noriko Aota
2000 years girl Yuriko Summer of 19 years old GLAMOROUS
Bauhaus Kaiou-sya Eichi Bauhaus
Preservation state very good (Outlet books)
Sold out US$18 US$16 US$18
First edition
1999 2,000.5.25
First edition
First edition